Food Trucks have a Fan at Wasserstrom

We work with several business and organizations in town to source food trucks and food carts for special events and lunches. One of the sites we coordinate with is Wasserstrom on Front Street.   As a company that services the food industry, the employees at Wasserstrom love to eat well (and so do their neighbors).  We started sending vendors to the site in the summer and it has been popular enough to continue through the winter.  All of our vendors enjoy going because of the support of the neighborhood and specifically the Wassertrom employees.  When we heard that there was a budding food writer on site, we asked for some details and found that every vendor gets a review which is shared among staff.  Any new business values feedback.  The accolades are great for the ego and the complaints help grow a better product.  We checked with the creator of Tasty Review to see if we could share some of her work.  See a couple of samples below.

So – let’s share the compliments.


OH! Burgers

OH Burgers Wasserstrom

OH Burgers specialties lie with the very fresh and moist mini burgers.  Not real sure if I’ve had better from any other restaurant.  I suggest instead of using the ketchup, put a dab of A-1 in your boat to dip in.  You don’t need much at all because the burger does all the work that your taste buds will need.

When you go down stairs there is a board listing the different burgers.  Feel free to mix and match.

Today I tried the OH Burger, the Pineapple and the Korean.  Oh WOW!  I’m missing a burger!  Did I finish it without realizing it?  Just that good!

Oh, and did I forget to tell you about the sweet potato chips?  There’s just enough sweet in them to compliment your meal. 


Blu Olive

I ordered the beet-and-ricotta ravioli with poppy-seed butter, potato purée fennel soup and a tiramisu dessert.  The ravioli are not what you would expect.  There is a very slight sweetness with the meal and you can’t even taste the beets.  I’m love the light taste of the poppy-seed butter that is drizzled over the top.  I would order this dish every time!!!

The soup is just what the doctor ordered on this mildly cool day.  Makes me want to leave work and curl up with a good book. (Just kidding LJ )  And could you ever say anything bad about tiramisu?  The two cookies that are packaged are nice and moist. 

So go on out there everyone and enjoy. 




Wie Geht Es Ihnen?

Well, I’m great!  I’m sitting here eating my German Bologna sandwich with red cabbage and spicy brown mustard on a toasted bun.  The bologna is a thick spicy grilled round slice of goodness!

Don’t know if you like red cabbage but it add a little sweetness to mellow out the heat a bit. 

And guess what else fellow employees?  I’m going to finish off my yummy sandwich with Schmidt’s world famous jumbo creampuff.  Not going to give anything away on that one.  You’ll have to get back with me on what you thought about your meal and desert. 

So there’s your invitation.  Let’s hear from you:

I have to tell you that Creampuff, WOW!!!  I haven’t had one in years but tasting it again melted away days of years and brought back that feeling that I had when I took my first bite.  Can someone throw me a rope so that I can pull myself back down from this light, fluffy, tasty cloud.

JM I think summed up Schmidt’s lunch truck just right – “Reminds me of growing up.”

And LS said – “Boy was that cream puff good!”


Thank you Tasty Review(er) for being a great supporter!

P.S. all of the mobile food customers out there everywhere:

Again – keep in mind that compliments are always appreciated but if you have a less than positive experience with food from any vendor, let them know, it gives them a chance to make it right for you, provides an opportunity to fix it for the next customer and makes sure they can grow their business to the best of their ability.