Food Fort Mobile Membership

The Food Fort offers two membership options for food truck/trailer owner-operators. We work with the public to schedule mobile food vendors for business luncheons, weddings, catering and other special events. Contact us today for more information!

Food Trucks & Trailers:

Gold Membership: $300/month

  •       Park on site, electric hook-up included
  •       24/7 access to licensed commissary & prep area
  •       Storage space for dry goods, cooler/freezer
  •       Technical assistance with permitting, inspections etc
  •       Access to suite of ECDI services and workshops
  •       Volume discounts with GFS, Pepsi, and other vendors
  •       Marketing and placement assistance

Bronze Membership: $75/month

  •       Consulting and technical assistance
  •       No physical presence at Fort
  •       Limited volume discounts
  •       Access to suite of ECDI services and workshops
  •       Marketing and placement assistance




2 thoughts on “Food Fort Mobile Membership

  1. For those who cannot afford the Gold rate at first … just what are the hours allotted to the Silver and Bronze crowd? Also, I saw that, of course, the trucks are parked outside but can food carts be stored and cleaned inside out of the weather? And, finally, can you go into what exactly a mini anchor is (and how much it costs to be one?)? Thanks!

    • Only gold members are allowed to store their trucks and carts at the facility. Bronze and Sliver members utilize our marketing and placement services, but only the gold members may come to the Food Fort for doing dishes. Gold members also have a dry storage space where they can store ingredients and plug in a fridge/freezer if they so choose. Carts are parked inside the facility and their storage spaces also can fit some shelving and a plug-in for a small fridge or freezer.

      The term “mini anchor” is applied to kitchen clients. Mini anchors are not charged a fee specifically for being a mini anchor, but they must sign contracts to work in the kitchen 10 hours per week or more for six months or longer. They pay $2 less per hour for the kitchen use than other clients: the large kitchen is $18 rather than $20 per hour and the small and bakery kitchens are $16 rather than $18 per hour. Mini anchors also have access to dry storage space and a rack in the walk-in cooler. They receive a bill at the beginning of the month for using the kitchen as per their kitchen contracts.

      I hope this is helpful! If you’d like to set up an appointment to see the facility, you can email me at, or you can call the main office of ECDI at 614-559-0115 and your call may be transferred to one of us at the Food Fort.

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