The Conclusion of the “Pig Mass Experiment”

In December, we posted about our relationship with the Davidson Family Farm and our decision to save food scraps for their pigs. Throughout winter, we able to fill one container (or more) to the rim with food waste each week. Collectively, we kept 50 to 150 lbs of food waste out of our dumpster and put it into the bellies of twelve piglets the Davidson’s started feeding in the fall. Each container equalled one or more days of meals for the pigs.


Today Wendy from the farm came to make her last pick up for the season and it was our heaviest load to date. It was filled with beans, tortillas, bread, apple cores, vegetable cuttings, donuts and more. Wendy shared that the pigs know when a barrel comes back from the Food Fort. The pigs get excited because they know it will soon be time to eat like gourmets for the day. We appreciated the opportunity to put our waste to good use for the winter. We will look for other sustainable uses for our leftovers for the rest of the year.


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