JobRaising Challenge Update: Help ECDI earn up to $150,000 with your support

The Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI) was selected as one of the finalists in the Huffington Post JobRaising Challenge.

The contest began on January 21st and will conclude on March 1st.

The three non profits that raise the most donations will receive up to $150,000 (from a pool of $250,000) to invest in their community.

One of the primary missions of the JobRaising Challenge is to tap into the job-creating potential of nonprofits to raise money, awareness, and help put Americans back to work.

How can you help us? Donate!

Follow this link to the ECDI donation page for the Job Raising Challenge.

Job Raising Challenge

With every donation, ECDI is that much closer to bringing the $150,000 grand prize home to the state of Ohio. The funds will be used to educate, invest in and innovate the businesses and people we inspire.

ECDI is competing with 74 non profits from across the nation – some big, some small, some local and others national so the competition to be one the three organizations that raises the most money will be fierce. Every donation will count but with some tough competitors out there, we need your help to get the word out. Winning the grand prize would make a big difference in the work ECDI does to create jobs in the community (including The Food Fort).

So please Tweet away, share on Facebook and anything else you can think of to help (including a donation).

Thank you in advance for your continued support of ECDI and our programs!


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