Treats 4 Everyone (now known as Local Bakeshop)

Kelly Provost  is the owner and head baker for Treats 4 Everyone.  She started using the Food Fort at the end of 2012.  She has been growing her business with sales at The Columbus Winter Farmers Market and a New Year’s Eve event at St. James Tavern.  She is also starting to get more inquiries on catering for weddings and other special events. (Note: Kelly changed her business name to Local Bake Shop in 2013).


Describe your business.

Treats is a bakery based on the idea that everyone, regardless of dietary needs or choices, should be able to enjoy a special treat. Even within one family, there can be people that, due to their diet, can’t enjoy the chosen birthday cake. So Treats strives to make things that allow everyone to participate in the celebration, or just to enjoy on their own.

Where did the name of your business come from?   Who doesn’t like treats?!

What one word should your customers think of when they think of your business?

Variety. The flavor combinations that Treats has are so varied, people have never heard of some of our combinations – like: Brie and Fig, Pistachio and Rosewater, Avocado and Goat Cheese. We even have a line of treats that pair beer and liquor with other flavors to create unique “grown-up” flavors.
What sparked your passion for your product or service?
I watched my father, after his diabetes diagnosis, have to turn down desserts, even at family celebrations. I wanted to find a way to make sure that he could healthfully enjoy treats with the rest of the family while making sure the family didn’t feel that they were making a sacrifice.

What was the biggest challenge to getting started?
Making the decision to start was by far the hardest. I knew it would take all my free time and tons of energy. But once I decided it would be worth it, none of that mattered.

What has been your biggest surprise since starting the business?
The biggest surprise has been seeing how excited others are for my business. Everywhere I go, people want to know how I started and where I’m planning on going. It’s incredibly encouraging.

What do you like best about owning your business?
The freedom. I’m responsible for my success or failure. And people are really receptive to trying them. I love it when someone tells me they won’t like a certain flavor and after they try it, they love it!

Where do you hope to see your business in 1 – 3 years?
I want a little storefront, in an up and coming area of town and several stores and restaurants around Columbus that carry Treats’ items.

Any advice for new food based businesses?
There’s still so much for me to learn myself! But I think one important thing it to be open to anything. There are so many knowledgeable people that want to see new food businesses succeed, and they are happy to give you advice – so just listen.

If you could rid yourself of one fear what would it be.
The fear of failure. I don’t jump out of planes for a living so what’s the worst that can possibly happen? Take the risk!

Find out more about Kelly and Treats 4 Everyone Local Bakeshop ->HERE


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