Member Spotlight: Dinner Rescue Crew and Chef Melissa Hura

Dinner Rescue Crew

What makes your business unique?
We interview each client to understand their unique tastes, personal nutrition goals, current health and lifestyle situation so that we can customize the perfect menus and meal plans.

What one word should your customers think of when they time of your business?

Where did the name of your business come from?
This is actually kind of funny. I polled all of my friends, family and neighbors and offered a free dinner to the one who came up with the best name. My personal trainer, Jessie of Napoleton Fitness, really came the closest in ultimately helping me name my company. It captures both the core nature of the business but also where I want to take it. As of now, I am a “crew” of basically one but the goal is to become a true “crew” and employ many more chefs, assistants and customer service people.

What sparked your passion for your product or service?
Like most folks in the food service business, there is that ultimate drive to create delicious food of love. I’ve been cooking and party planning for my friends and family since I can remember. I knew when I left the corporate world I did not want the harsh hours of a restaurant kitchen and personal cheffing allows me to be front and center in interaction with my clients as well as making them delicious, nutritious meals.

What was the biggest challenge to getting started?
The biggest challenge for me was just figuring out how to start in general. You have this great idea, but how do you get the ball rolling? I finally figured out you just take one step at a time. My best advice is to put together a business plan and that will guide you on what to do.

What has been your biggest surprise since starting the business?
My biggest surprise is that there are not a lot of personal chefs in the metropolitan Columbus area. Although personal chefs are common on the coasts and other big cities, it seems to be a relatively new concept here in Columbus and throughout the Midwest.

What do you like best about owning your business?
After working for years in a corporate environment, the idea that I can make a decision “on the fly” and not have to wait for a team of folks to determine if we can make a change is like breathing fresh air. Believe me, over the last year of mistake making, this has been really helpful! Of course, with the mistakes came a ton of wisdom that I can put to good use in this new year and future years and again, not have to wait for a decision “up the chain of command” because I am the chain of command!

Where do you hope to see your business in 1 – 3 years?
Growth of course is the main goal. In one year I hope to be employing two or three folks. By year three, I hope to be able to open my own kitchen space with a full range of culinary students to chefs as well as have a full-time delivery driver

Any advice for new food based businesses?
My best advice is to put together a business plan and that will guide you on what to do and also give you a nice dose of reality to what is feasible.

Any interesting client stories?
I have a client, a family of six with both parents being doctors. I always send a suggested menu to my clients for their review and approval. I always take requests but since it was the first of the year I decided to put a reminder out there asking if there were any special requests from the kids. This is what the response was (I found it flattering and humorous!): “I made the mistake of asking the girls what their favorite dishes were….which led to an argument regarding which foods we would get to have for the cook session. They really love your food! So what we agreed upon is completely different that what you have listed. Hope that works.” I was thrilled that my clients were arguing over what to have because all the food is so good!

Want to learn more about Dinner Rescue Crew?

Dinner Rescue Crew on the web and Facebook

And see this You Tube Interview -> HERE


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