Merry Pig Mass

We have an interesting, collaborative community at the Food Fort.  The ‘boys” (Steve Concilla and Dan Kraus) from that Food Truck have formed a relationship with Rod and Wendy from Davidson Produce and Cattle Farm.  The boys started with buying pork from the Davidson’s, then they progressed to buying whole hogs for Dan “the Butcher” to cut, chop and serve.  Along the way other Food Fort Members became interested in the meats of Davidson Farm and the relationship grew.  We like working with the Davidson’s and we support their committment to sustainable farming and grass-fed practices.  Rod and Wendy reached out to our community in the fall to donate meat for raffle prizes as part of That Food Pod and Save the Short Bus.  It was a great act of generosity.  They even came to the event to support it.

Merry Pig Mass

This summer was not kind to farmers – droughts and high heat damaged crops which translated to high feed prices now.  The Davidson’s asked if we could save scraps for their pigs to supplement their feed over the winter.  Our members have been quick to add to the “slop bucket” and we have filled it each week.  We don’t know the weight of the of what we have saved but it takes two strong people to lift the bucket into the flatbed each week.  We have visions of a full circle of consumption – our food waste….stops being waste and feeds pigs that our members serve to you in various forms.  So we get to help the Davidson’s – which helps us and reduces our food waste which is something our members and the Food Fort is committed to.  We think our “slop” is pretty good too – creating a merry pig mass.



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