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Whitehall Food Truck and Fun Fest: July 27th

23 Jul

Whitehall Food Truck Fest Flyer

More information here.

The event runs from Noon to 10 pm. Many of our food truck members will be at the Food Truck and Fun Fest. Last year, we worked with the city of Whitehall to do a National Night Out event which was well received within the community and had a great turn out.

Upcoming Cooking Class Series at the Food Fort

25 Feb

Bleu and Fig introduces:

Cooking Classes with Sass

at the Fort.

Cool original ideas by local female chefs.
Fun night out with good food and good friends.
Bring your own wine.

March 12:


Treats Logo 1Dinner Rescue Crew

Chef Kelly of Treats 4 Everyone (now known as Local Bake Shop) and Chef Melissa of Dinner Rescue Crew

Chicken Veloute (you’ll never use the stuff in the can again)
15 Minute Chicken a la King
Healthy Biscuits, yes…healthy biscuits
Seasonal Fruit Cobbler

Food Fort All-Stars at Pecha Kucha February 21st

10 Feb

Pecha whata? Pecha Kucha is a world wide organization that has been expanding the minds and interests of the citizens of Columbus for over five years. Topics range from what is cool about our city, to eating local, going green or anything a person has a passion for and can place key concepts on twenty slides.

The Food Fort has worked in partnership with Pecha Kucha since 2011 helping to source food for the event. This time around, we are taking some of our kitchen members inside the Gateway Film Center to add great food to beer and concesssions at the theater. The menu will include:

Bleu & Fig Catering:
Brown Sugar Thick Cut Candied Bacon
Red Pepper Flake Kale Chips

Destination Donuts:
Maple Sausage
Blackberry Sage
Lemon Thyme
Thai Peanut

Dinner Rescue Crew:
Mini Mexican Calzones with Taco Sauce (vegetarian)

Brown Sugar Bologna, Kettle Chip and Mustard Aioli Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Blue Cheese Slaw

Treats 4 Everyone
•Two-hearted Ale with Vanilla Buttercream
•Young’s Double Chocolate Stout with Chocolate Buttercream
•Gluten-free Lime with Cardamom Maple Cream Cheese Frosting
Cookie Sandwiches
•Loaded Chocolate with German Chocolate Filling
•Snickerdoodle with Cinnamon Buttercream
•Gluten-free Pistachio with Rosewater Buttercream

To learn more about Pecha Kucha, check out their Facebook page. Rumor has it that attendees will be able to see a movie for free after Pecha Kucha concludes. The only condunrum with the event is trying to figure out how to pronounce it: Pecha-Ah Kuch-Ah? Pee Cha Ka Cha? Peach_A Kucha……, it is safest just to say PK.

You can get a sense of PK February 2012 from our Facebook Album.

Food Fort Innovation Station: OH! Burgers Donuts

5 Feb

OH Burgers Donut BurgerAlways on the look out for something different – Brian from OH! Burgers was mulling on something new and different on his menu. His sweet potato chips have been a customer favorite since he launched in the Spring of 2012. Taking the sweet potato core of his menu to another level, Brian launched OH!-Nuts this month. Sweet Potato donuts served as a side. For the culinary daring there is the OH-Donut-Burger.

Here is a review from Wasserstrom written after the world premiere at their site.


Today I tried something new the “OH” Donuts! Let me tell you, at first sight I think I was imaging my hips getting bigger just from the way the donuts looked. Glistening with caramelized brown sugar atop a big round ball of cooked sweet potato infused dough. What I didn’t know was how I was going to be surprised by the light taste of this donut. I expected something heavy and overly sugary, but what a got was something that slowly melted in my mouth with just a hint of sweetness. And just like the sweet potato chips these donuts compliment the OH mini burgers very well as a light desert after you indulge yourselves in the “OH” Burgers.



Valentines Day Dinner for Two!

21 Jan


Instead of going to a restaurant, surprise your Valentine with a romantic dinner for two at home!

Melissa has prepared an incredible menu for pick-up or delivery 2/14-2/17. Order your dinner today!

And by special request – here is the Vegetarian Menu.

Valentine's Day Vegetarian Menu

Treats 4 Everyone (now known as Local Bakeshop)

13 Jan

Kelly Provost  is the owner and head baker for Treats 4 Everyone.  She started using the Food Fort at the end of 2012.  She has been growing her business with sales at The Columbus Winter Farmers Market and a New Year’s Eve event at St. James Tavern.  She is also starting to get more inquiries on catering for weddings and other special events. (Note: Kelly changed her business name to Local Bake Shop in 2013).


Describe your business.

Treats is a bakery based on the idea that everyone, regardless of dietary needs or choices, should be able to enjoy a special treat. Even within one family, there can be people that, due to their diet, can’t enjoy the chosen birthday cake. So Treats strives to make things that allow everyone to participate in the celebration, or just to enjoy on their own.

Where did the name of your business come from?   Who doesn’t like treats?!

What one word should your customers think of when they think of your business?

Variety. The flavor combinations that Treats has are so varied, people have never heard of some of our combinations – like: Brie and Fig, Pistachio and Rosewater, Avocado and Goat Cheese. We even have a line of treats that pair beer and liquor with other flavors to create unique “grown-up” flavors.
What sparked your passion for your product or service?
I watched my father, after his diabetes diagnosis, have to turn down desserts, even at family celebrations. I wanted to find a way to make sure that he could healthfully enjoy treats with the rest of the family while making sure the family didn’t feel that they were making a sacrifice.

What was the biggest challenge to getting started?
Making the decision to start was by far the hardest. I knew it would take all my free time and tons of energy. But once I decided it would be worth it, none of that mattered.

What has been your biggest surprise since starting the business?
The biggest surprise has been seeing how excited others are for my business. Everywhere I go, people want to know how I started and where I’m planning on going. It’s incredibly encouraging.

What do you like best about owning your business?
The freedom. I’m responsible for my success or failure. And people are really receptive to trying them. I love it when someone tells me they won’t like a certain flavor and after they try it, they love it!

Where do you hope to see your business in 1 – 3 years?
I want a little storefront, in an up and coming area of town and several stores and restaurants around Columbus that carry Treats’ items.

Any advice for new food based businesses?
There’s still so much for me to learn myself! But I think one important thing it to be open to anything. There are so many knowledgeable people that want to see new food businesses succeed, and they are happy to give you advice – so just listen.

If you could rid yourself of one fear what would it be.
The fear of failure. I don’t jump out of planes for a living so what’s the worst that can possibly happen? Take the risk!

Find out more about Kelly and Treats 4 Everyone Local Bakeshop ->HERE

Member Spotlight: Dinner Rescue Crew and Chef Melissa Hura

4 Jan

Dinner Rescue Crew

What makes your business unique?
We interview each client to understand their unique tastes, personal nutrition goals, current health and lifestyle situation so that we can customize the perfect menus and meal plans.

What one word should your customers think of when they time of your business?

Where did the name of your business come from?
This is actually kind of funny. I polled all of my friends, family and neighbors and offered a free dinner to the one who came up with the best name. My personal trainer, Jessie of Napoleton Fitness, really came the closest in ultimately helping me name my company. It captures both the core nature of the business but also where I want to take it. As of now, I am a “crew” of basically one but the goal is to become a true “crew” and employ many more chefs, assistants and customer service people.

What sparked your passion for your product or service?
Like most folks in the food service business, there is that ultimate drive to create delicious food of love. I’ve been cooking and party planning for my friends and family since I can remember. I knew when I left the corporate world I did not want the harsh hours of a restaurant kitchen and personal cheffing allows me to be front and center in interaction with my clients as well as making them delicious, nutritious meals.

What was the biggest challenge to getting started?
The biggest challenge for me was just figuring out how to start in general. You have this great idea, but how do you get the ball rolling? I finally figured out you just take one step at a time. My best advice is to put together a business plan and that will guide you on what to do.

What has been your biggest surprise since starting the business?
My biggest surprise is that there are not a lot of personal chefs in the metropolitan Columbus area. Although personal chefs are common on the coasts and other big cities, it seems to be a relatively new concept here in Columbus and throughout the Midwest.

What do you like best about owning your business?
After working for years in a corporate environment, the idea that I can make a decision “on the fly” and not have to wait for a team of folks to determine if we can make a change is like breathing fresh air. Believe me, over the last year of mistake making, this has been really helpful! Of course, with the mistakes came a ton of wisdom that I can put to good use in this new year and future years and again, not have to wait for a decision “up the chain of command” because I am the chain of command!

Where do you hope to see your business in 1 – 3 years?
Growth of course is the main goal. In one year I hope to be employing two or three folks. By year three, I hope to be able to open my own kitchen space with a full range of culinary students to chefs as well as have a full-time delivery driver

Any advice for new food based businesses?
My best advice is to put together a business plan and that will guide you on what to do and also give you a nice dose of reality to what is feasible.

Any interesting client stories?
I have a client, a family of six with both parents being doctors. I always send a suggested menu to my clients for their review and approval. I always take requests but since it was the first of the year I decided to put a reminder out there asking if there were any special requests from the kids. This is what the response was (I found it flattering and humorous!): “I made the mistake of asking the girls what their favorite dishes were….which led to an argument regarding which foods we would get to have for the cook session. They really love your food! So what we agreed upon is completely different that what you have listed. Hope that works.” I was thrilled that my clients were arguing over what to have because all the food is so good!

Want to learn more about Dinner Rescue Crew?

Dinner Rescue Crew on the web and Facebook

And see this You Tube Interview -> HERE

Member Spotlight: Destination Donuts

24 Dec

Destination Donut 1

Heather Morris is one of our “sweetest” clients:  Here is an interview with Destination Donuts.

Where did the name Destination Donuts come from?

My husband and I were kicking around different name ideas and came up with Destination Donuts. We wanted something welcoming but additionally made our customer feel like there is a purpose for coming to my shop. It’s a DESTINATION and once there you can get donuts like no other offered here in Columbus

What sparked your passion in donuts?

I have loved donuts ever since I was a kid. They have always been kind of magical to me…the sweet delicate glaze, the puffy fried dough with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, fillings of sweet jams, fluffy chocolate or custard. They are just delightful!  They just always make me happy when I eat them. As an adult I’ve found there are fewer independently owned donut shops that hand craft their product and I want to change that.

What was the biggest challenge to getting started?

I found that one of my biggest challenges was overcoming my own fears of failure. Knowing the statistics regarding failure rates of restaurants, I knew that I was taking a very big risk doing this. Additionally, I knew that I had to get people to understand that yes, you can get a donut at the grocery store and pay a 1/3 of what I am asking……but what I offer is so much better and worth spending a little extra.

What has been your biggest surprise since starting the business?

There has been a couple of revelations to me since starting the business. One is that although I am a relatively shy and reserved person that does not like being the center of attention, I am really loving connecting with my customers! I thoroughly enjoy talking with people, explaining the different flavors, proclaiming the merits of utilizing wholesome ingredients and getting feedback on what they want. Who knew?!? I’ve also been surprised/overwhelmed with balancing everything in my life. Between working a full time job, starting a new business, being a mother to a wonderful little kid and a wife to a great husband it all seems like a daunting process at times. There are never enough hours in the day.  But I know that all the hard work and sleep deprivation will pay off in the long run. Life is too short not to pursue your dreams.

What do you like best about owning your business?

I love talking with people about my product and turning them on to something new. Getting to experience repeat customers and hearing them talk about what they like, what they want, how they look forward to getting my donuts…that is the best.  It makes me truly happy and brings me back to that feeling I had when I was a kid…the wonder, the love, the excitement.

Where do you hope to see your business in 1 – 3 years?

My hope is that within a year I will have a permanent storefront at the North Market and that my business will continue to grow. Additionally I hope to get my product in some of the specialty markets like Weilands Gourmet Market, Hills Market, Whole Foods and of course some local coffee shops.  From there the sky is the limit!

Any advice for new food based businesses?

Definitely. Do your research, learn about your potential customer, take as many classes and read about what it takes to set yourself up for success. NETWORK! There are a wealth of resources out there available to an entrepreneur. Utilize the ECDI,, SCORE and other restaurateurs. Columbus is a great test market and everyone in the foodservice industry I’ve found is open to sharing information. And lastly, believe in yourself and your product. Lots of people will try and dissuade you from pursuing your dreams. Don’t listen to them.


You can find more about Destination Donuts – including when you can find them at the North Market below.

Destination Donuts on Facebook


A blurb from the blog – Breakfast with Nick:

The newest kid on the donut block can be found at North Market on the weekend. Starting in November, Heather Morris, the self-styled “donut queen,” began selling baked goods under Destination Donuts ( Heather has had donuts in her blood since she was a child.

“I used to steal money from the washing machine to get a donut on the way to school,” she said. Later in life, Heather shadowed the donut-makers at Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco, and now in Columbus she secured the support of EDCI’s Food Fort and began crafting donuts of her own. She’s established a simple menu of complex tastes, like Thai Peanut and Pumpkin Pecan. Her Chocolate Insanity blends a chocolate donut, chocolate ganache, and crushed Oreos, while the Dueling Vanilla features both Tahitian and Madagascar vanillas.

All About Food Truck Culture in Columbus: A Quick Bite: Columbus’ Food Truck Scene

10 Dec

world premiere

A Quick Bite: Columbus’ Food Truck Scene is a multi-media documentary by OSU students Alexia Preskar and Dan Saltar. The final cut is ready for the world, here is a sneak peek for the world outside the Food Fort and OSU. We had a sneak peek during our Food Fort Mixer on December 2nd.  we are pretty sure they got an A.

Click Here/


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